This beautiful Self-love Rose candle is the first in our trio of luxury meditation candles and burns for 40+ hours.


It has a wooden wick and is made with pure rose essential oils comprising Rose Geranium, Palmarosa and Rosewood - it smells divine. 


The Rose has for centuries been the symbol of love and is therefore the perfect choice to scent our candle. Rose petals decorate the surface, along with Rose eco glitter and Rose quartz crystals, infused with Reiki love by us, Kerry and Sam.


We are very proud to be able to help our local charity, Homeless in Teignbridge Support (HITS) by donating £1 from each Self-love Rose candle sold. HITS not only support those who are homeless but also those in crisis or need locally. 

Self-Love Meditation Candle

  • • Soy wax

    • Rose Geranium pure essential oil

    • Palmarosa pure essential oil

    • Rosewood pure essential oil

  • Care instructions for your wood wicked candle


    Wood wicks burn a bit differently to traditional cotton wicks – they need a little more care.


    A long match is best. Start with the corner and work along the wick until it’s lit. (You may find it easier to tilt the candle like you do with a match after it’s lit) It’s fine if it goes out – just repeat the process. It takes longer with a wooden wick for the wax to be drawn into the wick to get the flame going.


    1st BURN
    It’s important to let your candle burn until the whole top has melted, this can take several hours. If you extinguish before this happens, wax has a memory and when you light it again it will tunnel and may never burn properly.


    It’s not the wood fuelling the candle flame it’s the wax, if your wick is too long the wax won’t make it to the flame. When your candle is cold, trim the wick to 5mm before each burn and discard any bits from your candle before lighting again. Nail clippers, strong scissors, wick cutters or wire cutters are useful for this.


    If the wick keeps going out and is sitting in a pool of melted wax, you can use kitchen towel to very carefully soak up the excess wax, so the wood wick has a solid base again to start from.


    If your candle has tunnelled, try giving it a good long burn as sometimes this will even it out.


    Don’t burn your candle longer than 4 hours at a time, it reduces the life of your candle.


    Place your candle on a heat proof surface.


    Keep lighted candles away from children, pets and draughts.


    Never move any lighted candle, the container will be very hot and the liquid wax could spill and burn you.


    Finally – enjoy your candle!